Who We Are

GURU Fitness is a lifestyle that is about Generating Unique Results Ultimately. Greatness is what we strive to instill in one another. It’s deeper than fitness to us. We aim to train the body and the mind for life’s everyday challenges. We do this by never having the same workout so that we’re trained to go. Our workouts are followed by inspirational discussions to help us stay engaged and focused on our goals. We accommodate all levels of fitness with great coaching, content and community. Our mission is to educate, motivate and empower through fitness. We always give 120% to ensure that everyone we train inches closer to their goals and dreams day by day.

Our Coaches

Dale Robinson

Dale Robinson is a motivational body transformer. With a smile on his face, he gives 120% in everything that he does. His vibrant energy provides a fun and supportive atmosphere. Dale is a father, mentor and a Frankfort native. He is diverse in his training. He is a bootcamp instructor and motivational speaker. Certifications: ISSA, CrossFit Level 1, USA Weightlifting

Taylor Robinson

Taylor Robinson is a driven individual who you can count on to give 120% everyday. Her smile and positivity is contagious and she will leave you with the feeling that you can conquer anything. Taylor is a motivator and a mentor, she is Lady GURU! She is a body transformation coach who provides nutrition + is ACE Certified.

Brooke Cunningham

Brooke Cunningham is an individual who embodies all aspects of GURU Fitness. She is confident, encouraging, and is ready to help you along your fitness journey! Her positive outlook and deep rooted belief in self-love make her a great motivator, supporter, and friend. Brooke is goal oriented and driven, and sets a platform for individuals to empower them and show them just how much they’re capable of. Brooke is an ISSA Certified Trainer, waiting for YOU to join GURU Fitness and kickstart your fitness goals!

Kory Waller

Kory Waller is a determined and focused individual. His work ethic and dedication to GURU Fitness set him apart as a trainer and mentor. Kory will encourage you and push you to meet any goal, giving 120% maximum effort every day. ISSA Certified.

Roni Robinson

Roni Robinson is a dedicated sports performance coach. His love for all sports and wealth of knowledge gives him the ability to diversify his training methods. Roni has played at the highest level and still holds record to date. His ability to connect with children gives him an advantage of taking them to the next level. He is the creator of F.A.S.T (Functional Agility Speed Training). He is ASFA certified.



Real people, real results. GURU Fitness is a lifestyle that is about Generating Unique Results Ultimately. We offer flexible membership packages to suit all levels of athlete and achieve your fitness goals. Not Sure Where to Start?
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